Read the text and answer the following questions 3 and 4.

3. Answer the following questions.

a. How did the hare run?

b. Where did the hare sleep?

c. How did the tortoise win?

d. How long did the hare sleep?

e. What did the tortoise say at last?

f. Who won the competition?

Answer to the question no. 3

a. The hare ran quickly.

b. The hare slept under a tree.

c. The tortoise walked steadily while the hare was sleeping, and thus the tortoise won the race.

d. The hare slept for an hour.

e. The tortoise said that “Slow but steady wins the race.”

f. The tortoise won the competition.


4. Write a short composition on ‘The hare and the tortoise’ in at least 5 sentences.

Answer to the question no. 4

The hare was so quick that he was out of sight in a few minutes. Then he thought that the tortoise was far behind and he could have a nap and he fell asleep under a tree. But the tortoise walked on and on and soon passed the sleeping hare. The hare woke up after an hour and saw that the tortoise was near the finish line. He

got furious.

He ran very fast but it was the tortoise who crossed the finish line and won the race. The tortoise then told the hare, “Slow but steady wins the race!”

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