Read the following text carefully and answer the questions 4.

4. Write at least five sentences about the conversation of Sima, Tamal and Andy by answering the given set of questions related to the text. (Remember to use capital letters, full stops and correct spelling)

1. What do Tamal and Andy do to each other?

2. What does Tamal do with Sima and Andy?

3. How does Andy want to call Sima Zaman?

4. Whom does Andy request to sit down?

5. What does Andy want to do with Sima and Tamal?


Answer to the question no 4

Tamal draws Andy’s attention and asks him how he is. Andy tells that he is fine. Tamal introduces Sima and Andy to each other. Andy wants to call Sima Zaman as Sima. Sima agrees. Andy requests Sima and Tamal to have a chat.

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