Read the text and answer the following questions 1, 2.

102, Khadimnagar,

Katwali, Sylhet


12th March,2020

Dear Jessica,

How are you? How was your trip back to London? I’m at home from school today. I have the flu. It’s awful! I’m coughing a lot, and I have a runny nose. I’m using a lot of tissues! I also have a bad headache. I can’t eat very much because I have a stomach ache, but my doctor says I should eat. I also have a fever.

Sometimes I’m very warm. Then, I get cold and have chills. It’s very strange.

I want to go to school again soon. My friends can’t visit me here because they can get ill easily. I also have a lot of homework. I hope you are fine! Write to me soon.

Your friend,


1. Match the words of the column A with their meaning that is mentioned in the text in column B.

Column A Column B

a. Trip i. to emit fluid from nose

b. Home ii. to be attacked with

c. Runny iii. now and then

d. Tissue iv. where one lives at a

particular time

e. Sometimes v. to emit smoke in the air

vi. a journey for some


vii. a soft thin paper


Answer to the question no 1

a+ vi. Trip = a journey for some purpose.

b + iv. Home = where one lives at a particular time.

c+ i. Runny = to emit fluid from nose.

d+ vii. Tissue = a soft thin paper.

e+ iii. Sometimes = now and then.

2. Write whether the following sentences are true or false.

a. Jessica went back to London.

b. Sima has cholera.

c. Sima can eat a lot.

d. Jessica is Sima’s friend.

e. Sima has other friends too.

f. Jessica has a runny nose.

Answer to the question no 2

a.True; b.False; c.False; d.True;

e.True; f.False.

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