Guided writing
প্রিয় শিক্ষার্থীরা, আজ ইংরেজি ১ম পত্রের PART-C (Guided writing) অর্থাত্ ১১ ও ১২ নং প্রশ্ন আলোচনা করব। প্রশ্নগুলো তোমরা আগে নিজে চেষ্টা করবে। তারপর উত্তরের সঙ্গে তা মিলিয়ে নেবে।

11. Match the phrases in the following substitution table to make sensible sentences. 12

(i) E-mail has is a revolution mode of communication.
(ii) Messages can be become greatly dependent to another countries like ours.
(iii) It brought about on this speedy telephone calls.
(iv) Trade and commerce has not reached every one commercially operated e-mail facilities within seconds.
(v) It has, however, started using far cheaper than in modern communication.
(vi) But even here people have transmitted from one country especially in developing for important purposes.

12. Re-write the sentences in proper order and a continuous paragraph to make a story. 14
i) Alexander, the king of Macedon, crossed the Khaiyber pass and reached India.
ii) Then he came to the plain to the Punjab
iii) Alexander was pleased with Porus for his bold reply.
iv) There ruled a king called Porus.
v) But unfortunately he was defeated in a battle.
vi) "Like a king", was the reply of Porus.
vii) He was brought before Alexander.
viii) He wanted to attack the land of Porus.
ix) He showed his boldness before Alexander.
x) He also made him king of another province in the Punjab.
xi) Then he was taken prisoner.
xii) Porus came forward with his men and arms in order to defend his land from the attack of Alexander.
xiii) He allowed him to rule his country as before.
xiv) Alexander asked him how he would like to be treated.
Ans. to the Ques. No. Set-10
11. (i) E-mail has brought about a revolution in modern communication.
(ii) Messages can be transmitted from one country to another within seconds.
(iii) It is far cheaper than telephone calls.
(iv) Trade and commerce has become greatly dependent on this speedy mode of communication.
(v) It has, however, not reached everyone especially in developing countries like ours.
(vi) But even here people have started using commercially operated e-mail facilities for important purposes.
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