* Part-1, Question no. 2
প্রিয় শিক্ষার্থী, আজ ইংরেজি ১ম পত্রের Part-1 এর ২ নম্বর প্রশ্ন নিয়ে আলোচনা করব। প্রশ্নগুলো তোমরা আগে নিজে চেষ্টা করবে, তারপর উত্তরের সঙ্গে তা মিলিয়ে নেবে।
2. Read the passage and complete the table below with given information. 10
One morning, about a fortnight after I had obtained my liberty. Reldresal, principal secretary (as they style him) of private affairs, came to my house, attended only by one servant. He ordered his coach to wait at a distance and desired I would give him an hour’s audience; which I readily consented to, on account of his quality, and personal merits, as well as of the many good offices he had done me during my solicitations at court. I offered to lie down, that he might the more conveniently reach my ear: but he chose rather to let me hold him in my hand during our conversation. He began with compliments on my liberty; said, he might pretend to some merit in it; but, however, added that if it had not been for the present situation of things at court, perhaps I might not have obtained it so soon. For, said he, as flourishing a condition as we appear to be in to foreigners, we labour, under two mighty evils; a violent faction at home, and the danger of an invasion by a most potent enemy from abroad. As to the first, you are to understand that for above seventy moons past, there have been two struggling parties in this empire, under the names of tramecksan and slamecksan from the high and low heels on their shoes by which they distinguish themselves. It is alleged indeed that the high heels are most agreeable to our ancient constitution. But however this be, his majesty hath determined to make use of only low heels in the administration of the government and all offices in the gift of the crown; as you cannot but observe and particularly that his majesty’s imperial heels are lower at least by a drurr than any of his court (Drurr is a measure about the fourteenth part of an inch).
The animosities between these two parties run so high that they will neither eat nor drink, nor talk with each other. We compute the Tramecksan, or high-heels, to exceed us in number; but the power is wholly on our side. We apprehend his imperial highness, the heir to the crown, to have some tendency towards the high-heels; at least we can plainly discover one of his heels higher than the other; which gives him a hobble in his gait. Now, in the midst of these intestine disquiets, we are threatened with an Invasion from the Island of Blefuscu, which is the other great empire of the universe, almost as large and powerful as this of his majesty.

Who/What Event/Activity Where/ Place When/ How long
(i) .......... came to meet Gulliver at Gulliver’s house (ii) ..........
Reldresal ordered his coach to wait (iii) ..........
Reldresal (iv) .......... an hour
(v) .......... held Reldresal (vi) .......... during the conversation
Tramecksan, and Slamecksan were the two struggling parties (vii) ..........
(viii) .......... got privilege in the administration of Government.
Lilliput (ix) .......... from Blefuscu in the middle of disquiets.
(x) .......... is as large and powerful as Lilliput in the universe.

2. Or, Based on your reading or the passage, make short notes in each of the boxes in the flow-chart showing the information about the visitor and the visit to Gulliver. 10

1. Reldresal, Principal Secretary of private Affairs 2 3 4 5 6

2. (i) Reldresal (ii) in the morning (iii) at a distance (iv) requested Gulliver for a meeting (v) Gulliver (vi) in his hand (vii) in the Empire (viii) the low heels (ix) was threatened with an invasion (x) Blefuscu.
2. Or. Reldresal, Principal Secretary of private Affairs 2. The visit was about a fortnight after Gulliver had obtained liberty 3. Reldresal was attended only by one Servant 4. His Coach waited at a distance 5. Reldresal asked for an hour’s visit 6. Gulliver consented because of his quality and personal merits.
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