sign, great, include, combination, deep, have, different, spring, differ, important, acceptable, relate

Bangladesh has a heritage of rich folk music (a) both religious and secular songs. Folk music usually (b) from the (c) of the heart of a community. Folk music means the (d) of folk song, dance and tune that are (e) on the basis of country, festivals, natural beauty, rural and riverine life. In Bangladesh folk music (f) from region to region and so there are the northern Bhawaiya, the eastern Bhatiyali and the southern Baul songs in our country. The culture of (g) tribes, has influenced folk music. Folk music that has a lot of characteristics is (h) by rural folk. Mystical songs (i) to folk songs have been composed using the metaphors of rivers and boats. In short, the (j) of folk music in our country is beyond description.

Answer: a. including; b. springs;

c. depth; d. combination; e. created;

f. differs; g. different; h. sung; i. related; j. importance.


fall, hardly, in, support, rest, live, villages, declare, be, bound, change, important

Hakaluki Haor is one of the major wetlands of Bangladesh. It (a) a rich biodiversity. This haor (b) an Ecologically Critical Area in April 1999 by the government of Bangladesh. Hakaluki Haor is (c) by the Kushiara River as well as a part of the Sonai-Bardal River to the north. The haor (d) under two administrative districts, Maulvibazar and Sylhet. Some 190,000 people live (e) the area surrounding the haor. Hakaluki Haor is an (f) source of fisheries resources for Bangladesh. The haor is a very important (g) place for migratory birds. The most interesting species is the Bareheaded Goose, which is now (h) seen in fresh water wetlands. Hakaluki Haor (i) known as a good grazing land in winter. People from (j) around the haor send their herds for grazing.

Answer: a. supports; b. was declared;

c. bounded; d. falls; e. in; f. important; g. resting; h. hardly; i. is; j. villages.


Light, bring, deprive, participation,

removes, run, darkness,educate, Basic,

discrimination, development, remain

Education (a) our ignorance and gives us (b) of knowledge. In respect of imparting education there should be no (c) between man and woman. Education is one of the (d) human rights. If we (e) women of the right of education, almost half of our population will (f)—in (g) , no (h) can be brought about without (i) of women. So government is doing everything to (j) women folk.

Answer: (a) removes (b) light

(c) discrimination (d) basic (e) deprive

(f) remain (g) darkness (h) development (i) participation (j) educate.

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