প্রিয় শিক্ষার্থী, আজ ইংরেজি ২য় পত্রের ১ নম্বর প্রশ্ন, Article নিয়ে আলোচনা করব। এই প্রশ্নে ছয়টি শূন্যস্থানসংবলিত একটি passage দেওয়া থাকবে। উপযুক্ত Article দিয়ে শূন্যস্থান পূরণ করতে হবে।

Fill in the gaps of the following text with suitable articles. Put a cross for zero articles. 0.5×6=3

Since Bangladesh is land of rivers it is (a) ╛ easy to make a journey by boat. Whenever I get (b) ╛ opportunity I try make (c) ╛ best use of the opportunity. When I (d) ╛ journey, my heart leaps with (e) ╛ joy. It is always pleasant and (f) ╛ instructive.
Answer: (a) ×; (b) an; (c) the; (d) ×; (e) ×; (f) ×.
(a) ╛ ant is an industrious (b) ╛ insect. No other insect is as industrious as (c) ╛ ant. If we open (d) ╛ pages of history, we will see that (e) ╛ men who have become great in (f) ╛ world were industrious.
Answer: (a) The; (b) ×; (c) an; (d) the; (e) the; (f) the.
Money cannot buy (a) ╛ happiness. Money is (b) ╛ must for our life. But it is not necessary to bring our happiness. Happiness is absolutely (c) ╛ psychological thing. It is (d) ╛ name of (e) ╛ feeling. It means contentment. He, who is satisfied with what he gets and contented with his life is really (f) ╛ happy man.
Answer: (a) ×; (b) a; (c) a; (d) the; (e) a; (f) a.
Mr. Karim is an English (a) ╛ teacher. He is (b) ╛ M.A. in English. He serves in (c) ╛ ideal institution. He tries to lead (d) ╛ honest life. He is (e) ╛ most favourite teacher (f) ╛ to the students.
Answer: (a) ×; (b) an; (c) an; (d) an; (e) the; (f) ×.
Mobile phone is (a) ╛ wonder of modern technology. It has created (b) ╛ new era in modern civilization. It has brought (c) ╛ world closer. We can send (d) ╛ messages, play games, take snaps and even compose (e) ╛ music through mobile phone. It has become (f) ╛ part and parcel of our life.
Answer: (a) a; (b) a; (c) the; (d) ×; (e) ×; (f) a.
Ha-du- du is (a) ╛ very popular game in Bangladesh. It is (b) ╛ outdoor game. Ha-du- du requires (c) ╛ small playground (d) ╛ ground is divided into two equal (e) ╛ parts. A line is drawn across (f) ╛ middle of the field.
Answer: (a) a; (b) an; (c) a; (d) The; (e) ×; (f) the.
James Norman Hall was (a) ╛ American writer. He wrote (b) ╛ interesting story that took place between him and (c) ╛ farmer. He rented (d) ╛ one roomed house. It was away from (e) ╛ town. He was doing (f) ╛ interesting writing there.
Answer: (a) an; (b) an; (c) a; (d) a; (e) the; (f) an.
╛ objective of education is not only to pass the exam and get (b) ╛ job but also to acquire knowledge and widen (c) ╛ third eye. (d) ╛ student should realize (e) ╛ fact. Otherwise his education will be (f) ╛ incomplete one.
Answer: (a) The; (b) a; (c) the; (d) A; (e) the; (f) an.
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