প্রিয় শিক্ষার্থী, আজ ইংরেজি ২য় পত্রের ১ নম্বর প্রশ্ন, Article নিয়ে আলোচনা করব। এই প্রশ্নে ছয়টি শূন্যস্থানসংবলিত একটি passage দেওয়া থাকবে। উপযুক্ত Article দিয়ে শূন্যস্থান পূরণ করতে হবে।

Fill in the gaps of the following text with suitable articles. Put a cross for zero articles. 0.5×6=3
Our school is (a) ? suitable place of taking (b) ? part in co-curriculum activities. In (c) ? each week competitions are arranged in (d) ? auditorium of our school. Our teachers motivate us in (e) ? participating in different programmes. (f) ? active role can encourage some other schools to participate in the competitions.
Answer : (a) a; (b) ×; (c) ×; (d) the;
(e) ×; (f) An.
Our life is (a) ? sum total of hours, days and years. But all the days are not equally memorable to us. Most of (b) ? days are forgotten with (c) ? passage of time. Only (d) ? few days remain ever fresh in our memory. My first day at school is such (e) ? amusing day. I will keep the memory of the day in (f) ? core of my heart forever.
Answer : (a) a; (b) the; (c) the; (d) a;
(e) an; (f) the.
(a) ? ordinary garment worker in our country leads (b) ? very poor life. She goes to her office on foot. Sometimes, she gets on (c) ? crowded bus. She is (d) ? object of others pity. She does not work in a congenial (e) ? atmosphere. (f) ? concerning authority should take some steps to upgrade their lifestyle.
Answer : (a) An; (b) a; (c) a; (d) an;
(e) ×; (f) The
Robinson Crusoe was (a) ? sailor. He was banished on (b) ? island. He gathered the bitterest (c) ? experience of living (d) ? isolated life. Man cannot lead (e) ? solitary life because he is a social being. Banishment is (f) ? capital punishment for a human being.
Answer : a) a; (b) an; (c) ×; (d) an;
(e) a; (f) the.
Money cannot buy (a) ? happiness. But it is true that money is (b) ? must for our daily life. To survive on (c) ? earth, we have to have money. But we must earn it in (d) ? honest way. (e) ? man who wants to live from hand to mouth also needs money. So, it is said that (f) ? rich are not always happy.
Answer : (a) ×; (b) a; (c) ×; (d) an;
(e) The; (f) the.
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