প্রিয় শিক্ষার্থী, আজ ইংরেজি ২য় পত্রের Part-A-এর ৭ নং প্রশ্ন Narration নিয়ে আলোচনা করব। এ ক্ষেত্রে একটি Text দেওয়া থাকবে। পরীক্ষায় Direct থেকে Indirect অথবা Indirect থেকে Direct যেকোনোভাবেই প্রশ্ন আসতে পারে। এ ক্ষেত্রে মোট নম্বর থাকবে ৫।

Question: Change the following speech.
Jim asked Della if she had cut her hair off. Della replied that she had cut it off and sold it. She then asked Jim if he didn’t like her just as well, anyhow. She also told him that she was her without her hair. He again asked Jim if she was not.
‘Have you cut your hair off?’ asked Jim. ‘Cut it off and sold it,’ Said Della. ‘Don’t you like me just as well, anyhow? I’m me without my hair, ain’t I?’
The mistress of the house told the porter laughing that he might go. She also added that he had gained his freedom. Swearing by Allah, the porter replied that he would not leave that house until he had heard the stories of his companions.
‘Porter, you may go,’ said the mistress of the house laughing, ‘You have gained your freedom.’ ‘By Allah,’ he replied, ‘I will not leave this house until I have heard the stories of my companions.’
I asked the boy if he would go to my house the next day. I told him that we could discuss terms and conditions then. He replied that he would be very happy to meet me at my house and thanked me so much.
‘Will you come to my house tomorrow?’ I asked the boy. ‘We can discuss terms and conditions then,’ I said. ‘I shall be very happy to meet you at your house. Thank you so much,’ he replied.
The receptionist asked the man respectfully if he could he help him (M). The man replied that it was sure and added that he (M) wanted to meet the Managing Director of the company. The receptionist again asked him if he (M) had an appointment. He replied in the affirmative and said that he (M) had an appointment.
‘Could I help you, Sir?’ said the receptionist. The man replied, ‘Sure, I want to meet the Managing Director of the company.’ The receptionist said, ‘Do you have an appointment?’ ‘Yes, I have,’ he said.
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