Linking words
প্রিয় শিক্ষার্থীরা, আজ ইংরেজি ২য় পত্রের Part-A-এর Linking Words নিয়ে আলোচনা করব। এ প্রশ্নে ৫টি শূন্যস্থানসহ একটি ছোট প্যাসেজ দেওয়া থাকবে। নম্বর থাকবে ৫।

Fill in the blanks with suitable linking words. 5


Every citizen has some duties and responsibilities for his nation. (a) — most of the people are careless in this respect. The people of this country have achieved national identity by din't of a great sacrifice (b) — is still evaluated nationally (c) — some selfish people never want to give their recognition. (d) —, we all should do some benevolent activities. (e) —, we will be indebted to the nation.
(a) But (b) which (c) although (d) However (e) Otherwise.

The foods that we eat can be divided into six kinds (a) — what substances they contain and (b) — benefits they do to us. Fish, meat and milk provides us with protein (c) — builds our body and helps us grow. (d) — we do not take all these, we can not grow well. Vitamins and mineral salts protect us from diseases (e) — keep us fit for works.
(a) according to (b) what (c) which (d) If (e) and.
Mr. X is a miser (a) — he earns a lot of money. He seldom buys new clothes (b) — he bargains with the shopkeepers to save money (c) — having many friends, he always avoids entertaining them. (d) — he and his wife put on shabby dresses. (e) —, he possesses a strange personality.
(a) though (b) Moreover (c) In spite of
(d) Both (e) In short.
thus—so—as— if—besides—who—
Honesty is a noble virtue. The man (a) — possesses this rare quality is the happiest person in the world. To be honest, man should have trustworthiness (b) — nobody trusts a liar. (c) — Allah helps the honest people. (d) — children should be taught honesty from the very beginning of life. (e) — children should be developed among the honesty people.
(a) who (b) because (c) Even (d) So (e) Thus.
For instance—though—while
(a) — man has made tremendous technological progress, he has not been able to conquer nature completely. (b) —, he is hit by natural calamities. (c) —, a devastating flood very often occurs in Bangladesh leaving people homeless (d) — other various calamities damage and destroy life and property. (e) —, some of the African countries are affected by drought.
(a) Though (b) Sometimes (c) For instance
(d) while (e) Besides.
after—all—because—of—somehow—in—fact when—however—unfortunately
Having a degree on medicine Gulliver went on a voyage. (a) — the ship was wrecked but he (b) — managed to swim ashore. He kept a deep sleep (c) — his tiredness. (d) — he woke up he saw many tiny creatures. (e) —, they were the human beings smaller than Gulliver himself.
(a) Unfortunately (b) somehow (c) because of
(d) When (e) In fact.
In spite of—when—Despitequite—In— however— Because of—as a result—so
(a) — being a small country, Bangladesh has a huge population. Most people here live below the poverty line and are (b) — unable to educate their children. (c) — this situation we have far too many students to educate. (d) — financial and resource constraints, the government can not fund the requisite number of educational institutions. (e) — every educational institution is over-crowded.
(a) In spite of /Despite (b) quite (c) In
(d) Because of (e) as a result/so.
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