Right form of verbs
প্রিয় পরীক্ষার্থী, আজ ইংরেজি দ্বিতীয় পত্রের ৫ নম্বর প্রশ্ন, অর্থাত্ Right form of verbs নিয়ে আলোচনা করব।

Read the text and fill in the gaps with the correct form of verbs as per subject and context. 5
Football is a favourite game in our country. It (a) — (arrange) between two teams (b) — (contains) eleven players each. The captains of both teams (c) — (lead) their groups. This is the most exciting and enjoyable game ever (d) — (play) across the world. It (e) — (run) for an hour and a half with an interval after half of the time (f) — (be) over. Any football tournament (g) — (arrange) between two strong teams can be exciting. The result (h) — (remain) almost unpredictable till the end because any team might win the other team (i) — (score) a goal within seconds. The referee is to see whether rules and order (j) — (maintain) by the players.
Answer-8 : (a) is arranged; (b) containing;
(c) lead; (d) played; (e) runs; (f) is; (g) arranged; (h) remains; (i) scoring; (j) are being maintained/ are maintained.
Once there (a) — (live) an idle king. He (b) — (not undergo) physical labour. As a result, he
(c) — (get) bulky and could not move from one place to another. He (d) — (call) in a doctor. The doctor (e) — (be) clever and wise. He did not (f) — (prescribe) any medicine for the king. He asked the king to buy a club and (g) — (move) it in the air till his hands (h) — (get) moistened. The king started (i) — (follow) the prescription. Thus, the king (j) — (relieve) of his problem.
Answer-9 : (a) lived (b) would not undergo
(c) got (d) called (e) was (f) prescribe
(g) move (h) got (i) following
(j) was relieved.
Many events of great importance (a) — (take) place during the last century. Significant advances (b) — (make) in the field of science and technology. Many European colonies (c) — (gain) independence. The movement for
democracy (d) — (become) prominent in many parts of the world. Two World Wars (e) — (break) out in this century. It also (f) — (witness) the misuse of atomic energy. Two cities of Japan were completely (g) — (destroy) as a result of the dropping of atom bombs. However, the emergence of Bangladesh as an independent nation (h) — (become) a momentous event. After a bloody war of nine months Bangladesh (i) — (bear). Now we (j) — (hold) our heads high in the community of nations.
Answer-10 : (a) took (b) were made (c) gained (d) became (e) broke (f) witnessed (g) destroyed (h) became (i) was born (j) can hold.

Idle brain is devil’s workshop. If we (a) — (waste) our time in idleness, all sorts of evil thoughts will crowd our brain.
Idle persons who (b) — (kill) their time are burdens of society. They (c) — (sit) idle and cherish no high ideal and lofty ambition in life. They (d) — (not support) themselves. They (e) — (lead) an unhappy life and (f) — (suffer) in the long run. There should be time for prayer. This (g) — (indicate) that we should do everything at the right moment. We (h) —
(lead) a healthy and prosperous life only when we (i) — (follow) the routine which we (j) — (make) for our guidance.
Answer-11 : (a) waste (b) kill (c) sit (d) do not support (e) lead (f) suffer (g) indicates (h) can lead (i) follow (j) make.
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