Set 24

A cook once roasted a duck (a) his master. The roast looked so delicious that the cook couldn’t resist the temptation and ate (b) one of the drumsticks. When his master sat (c) to eat he quickly noticed the missing leg and asked what had happened (d) the other leg. The cook told him that the duck had one leg only. The master was not to be fooled. He said that there was no such thing as a one-legged duck. The cook insisted that this duck had only one leg. The master was very annoyed (e) the stubbornness of the cook and threatened to fire him (f) his job. Right at that moment the cook looked out (g) the window and saw some ducks resting outside (h) the courtyard. One of the ducks was standing (i) one leg and had the other leg folded inside. He drew the attention (j) his master and showed him that some ducks did indeed have one leg.


a. for; b. up; c. down; d. to; e. with;

f. from; g. of; h. in; i. on; j. of


Set 25

My brothers, I stand before you today (a) a heart overflowing with grief. You are fully aware (b) the events that are going (c) and understand their import. We have been trying to do our best to cope (d) the situation. And yet, unfortunately, the streets of Dhaka, Chittagong, Khulna, Rajshahi and Rangpur are awash (e) the blood of our brothers. The people of Bengal now want to be free, the people of Bengal now want (f) live, and the people of Bengal now want their rights. What have we done that was wrong? After the elections, the people of Bangladesh voted as one for me, (g) the Awami League. We were to sit in the National Assembly, draft a constitution (h) ourselves there, and build our country; the people of this land would thereby get economic, political, and cultural freedom. But it is (i) regret that I have to report to you today that we

have passed (j) twenty-three tragic years; Bengal’s history of those years is full of stories of torture inflicted on our people, of blood shed by them repeatedly.


a. with; b. of; c. on; d. with; e. with;

f. to; g. for; h. for; i. with; j. through

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