Read the text and fill in the gaps with the correct form of verbs as per subject and context.

Set 1

Education (a) (mean) mental and moral training. It is the light that (b) (clear) off the darkness of ignorance from our mental horizon. The development of a nation totally (c) (depend) on its system of education. The percentage of literacy of our country (d) (be) 74 plus. But it is very painful that though the government (e) (take) steps to increase the development of education, it gradually (f) (decrease). The students do not concentrate their mind on studies. Violence takes place in the educational institutions. Those who have passed the exam during this critical period (g) (be) not well educated. There is lack of proper planning in our education system. The educational institutions are not well planned. The teachers not (h) (give) proper attention to their classes; rather they give more attention to coaching center. As a consequence, the students (i) (become) derailed to get rid of his indiscipline. To improve the standard of education in our country, the students as well as the high officials of government

(j) (shall) come forward and work heartily to achieve the desired goal.

Answer: a. means; b. clears; c. depends; d. is; e. takes; f. decreases; g. are; h. do not give; i. become; j. should.


Set 2

‘Pahela Boishakh’ (a) (be) the first day of a Bangla new year. The day is a public holiday. This day (b) (have) a special significance for us as it (c) (form) a part of Bangalee culture and tradition. People from all walks of life, irrespective of their ethnic identity or religious beliefs, (d) (celebrate) the day with traditional festivities. On this day, the whole of Bangladesh is in a festival mood. The day (e) (inspire) people to start life with renewed hopes and inspirations. Every year the day is celebrated traditionally. People (f) (wake) up early in the morning, have a bath and (g) (wear) their traditional clothes. Young women wear white saris with red borders and (h) (adorn) themselves with colourful churis and flowers, while men (i) (dress) themselves with pajamas and Panjabis. It is a day when people (j) (love) eating traditional foods.

Answer: a. is; b. has; c. forms;

d. celebrate; e. inspires; f. wake;

g. wear; h. adorn; i. dress; j. love.

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