1. Sima /from/ Dhaka /is

Ans: Is Sima from Dhaka?

2. know/ him/ do /you

Ans: Do you know him?

3. reading/ what /is/ he

Ans: What is he reading?

4. a/ journey /good/ have/

Ans: Have a good journey.

5. are/ you /going /Jessica/ where

Ans: Where are you going, Jessica?

6. you/ from /are /really /where

Ans: Really? where are you from?

7. sit/ down/ please

Ans: Please, sit down.


8. Sima/ call/ you/ can/ I

Ans: Can I call you Sima?

9. an /hour/ meet/ you /but/ I/ in

Ans: But I can meet you in an hour.

10. English/ improve/ he/ wants /to/ his

Ans: He wants to improve his English.

11. you /spend /your/ Sima / how/ do /leisure/ time

Ans: How do you spend your leisure time, Sima?

12. you/ the/ same /can /I /ask /questions

Ans: Can I ask you the same questions?

13. like/ painting/ I /also

Ans: I also like painting.

14. funny /stories/ I/ love /reading

Ans: I love reading funny stories.

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