Mrs Chowdhury: Thank you, Rafiq. That (a) (‘be’ in the present) a very useful idea. Amina, isn’t your father a shopkeeper?

Amina: Yes, madam.

Mrs Chowdhury: Then you (b) (have) a lot of helpful suggestions and we’ll be grateful for them.

Kamrul: I (c) (help) in my-friend’s shop for quite a long time, madam.

Mrs Chowdhury: Good, Kamrul. Experience (d) (be) the most important thing.

Samira: But where (e) (‘can’ to express ability) we run our shop, madam?

Mrs Chowdhury: I (f) (discuss) it with the headmaster as soon as possible. He (g) (give) us a small room if we’re lucky.

Mina: Can we all (h) (become) shopkeepers, madam?

Mrs Chowdhury: Well, why not?

Answer: a. is; b. may have; c. have been helping; d. is; e. can; f. shall discuss;

g. may give; h. become



Our country (a) (‘be’ in the present)

very beautiful because it’s very green. Everywhere we (b) (see) so many green trees and different crops. And it (c) (look) more beautiful in the wet season because it looks greener then. Everyone (d) (feel) happy again when the rain comes. After the hottest season the rain (e) (‘make’ in the simple present) us cool. It is the best time of the year. Bangladesh (f) (be) also a country of music, poetry and drama. Kazi Nazrul Islam and Jasim Uddin are two of our famous poets. Which one is better? I (g) (know) , but I want to send you a poem by Jasim Uddin. I like it very much. 1 think you’ll like it too because it (h) (help)

you to understand my country

Answer: a. is; b. can see; c. looks;

d. feels; e. makes; f. is; g. don’t know; h. will help

মো. জসিম উদ্দীন, প্রভাষক
ঢাকা রেসিডেনসিয়াল মডেল কলেজ, ঢাকা

শিক্ষা থেকে আরও পড়ুন
মন্তব্য করুন