My life’s certainly very different from yours. You (a) (‘live’ in the present) in a village, but I live in a big modern city. Montreal is full of large offices, shops, factories and many other buildings. And there (b) (be) very many roads with a lot of traffic. I (c) (dislike) the traffic because it’s very dirty and noisy. And sometimes when you (d) (travel) in the city, you (e) (‘wait’ to express probability) in the traffic for hours and hours. Montreal also has an under ground railway. It’s a railway but it (f) (go) under the ground. It (g) (call) the ‘subway’ and it’s the fastest way to travel inside the city. I’m lucky because there’s a subway station quite near my home and I use it every day to travel to school. It’s an easy way to travel, but you (h) (travel) outside the city on the subway.

Answer: a. live; b. are; c. dislike; d. travel; e. may wait; f. goes; g. is called; h. can’t travel


Sabina’s grandfather (a) (‘visit’ in the present perfect) Thailand two or three times. Once he (b) (stay) in Bangkok with his Thai friend, Niran. Niran (c) (take) him around the city everyday. They always (d) (travel) by boat. There are many canals in Bangkok. They (e) (‘call’ in the passive form) klongs. Many people, like Niran and his family, live beside the klongs and (f) (travel) on them in boats. Bangkok is a large noisy city, but the klongs are peaceful and quiet. Anwar Hussain liked the klongs. One day he (g) (travel) with Niran on a large klong. He saw something strange. It was a large market in the middle of the klong. It (h) (be) the famous floating market of Bangkok.

Answer: a. has visited; b. stayed;

c. took; d. travelled; e. are called;

f. travel; g. travelled; h. was


She has (a) (‘be’ in the past participle form) a student at Sherpur High School for five years and four months. Salam (b) (live) in Sherpur for five years. Salam and Sabina (c) (be) in class 6 for four months. Mrs Chowdhury (d) (live) in Sherpur for many years. She (e) (‘be’ in the correct form) headmistress of Sherpur High School for seven years. Mrs Kamal
(f) (teach) class 6 at Sherpur High School for three years. The environment
(g) (be) nice here. Everybody (h) (do) own work sincerely.

Answer: a. been; b. has lived; c. have been; d. has lived; e. has been; f. has taught; g. is; h. does

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