a. Dhaka is a big city (Negative).

b. It is more populous than any other city in the world (Positive).

c. Here life is not easy (Affirmative).

d. Price hike is one of the biggest problems (Comparative).

e. The city people lead a miserable life (Exclamatory).


a. Dhaka is not a small city.

b. No other city in the world is as populous as it.

c. Here life is difficult.

d. Price hike is bigger than most other problems.

e. What a miserable life the city people lead!


a. I shall never forget my school life (Affirmative).

b. I spent a wonderful time there (Exclamatory).

c. How peaceful and lovely the life was! (Assertive).

d. The beauty of student life beggars description (Interrogative).

e. No other part of my life was as memorable as student life (Superlative).


a. I shall always remember my school life.

b. What a wonderful time I spent there!

c. The life was very peaceful and lovely.

d. Doesn’t the beauty of student life beggar description?

e. Student life was the most memorable part of my life.


a. Trees are our friend (Negative).

b. It is not very costly (Interrogative).

c. Trees play an important role in our environment (Exclamatory).

d. They give us the life saving oxygen (Interrogative).

e. So we must plant trees for our existence (Passive).


a. Trees are not our foe/enemy.

b. Is it very costly?

c. What an important role trees play in our environment!

d. Don’t they give us the lifesaving oxygen?

e. So trees must be planted by us for our existence.

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