Read the text and fill in the gaps with the correct form of verbs as per subject and context.

Set 3

Parents (a) (be) blessings of God to us. When a child (b) (bear), their joys (c) (know) no bounds. They

(d) (start) (e) (think) of (f) (nurse) and (g) (bring) up their children. They (h) (remain) safe under the custody of their parents since birth. Parents never mind (i) (take) pains for the upbringing of their offspring. We (j) should (offend) our parents.

Answer: a. are; b. is born; c. know;

d. start; e. thinking; f. nursing;

g. bringing; h. remain; i. taking;

j. should never offend.

Set 4

A farmer (a) (take) some sacks of wheat to a mill. The mill (b) (be) a few kilometers ways. On the way the horse (c) (stumble) and one of the sacks fell to the ground. It (d) (be) too heavy for the farmer to lift and there was nobody around to help him. He (e) (wonder) what to do. Meanwhile, he saw a horseman (f) (come) towards him. As the rider (g) (come) nearer, the farmer recognized him. It was no other than the nobleman who (h) (live) in a guard house at the top of the hill. The poor man (i) (think) of approaching the rider. He was at a complete loss. But the nobleman (j) (stop) in front of the farmer and got off the horse to help the poor man.

Answer: a. was taking; b. was;

c. stumbled; d. was; e. wondered;

f. coming; g. came; h. lived; i. did not think; j. stopped.

Set 5

Robin and Hafiz (a) (be) good friends. Robin (b) (leave) for Dhaka. There he (c) (try) hard, but could not find a suitable job. So he (d) (to have) to come back to his village. Hafiz (e) (be) not highly educated. He

(f) (know) that he could not find a good job. So he (g) (join) a youth training course. There he (h) (learn) how to be self-employed. He took a bank loan of Tk. 1,00,000 and (i) (start) a dairy farm. Now he has three cows and five calves. His average monthly income is Tk. 8,000. His bank loan (j) (repay) soon.

Answer: a. were; b. left; c. tried; d. had; e. was; f. knew; g. joined; h. learned;

i. started; j. will be repaid.

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