Read the text and answer the questions 2, 3 and 4.

2. Read the following statements. Write ‘ True’ for correct statement or ‘False’ for incorrect statement.

a. Kishoreganj is a big town.

b. The river Buriganga flows through the town.

c. The largest Solakia Eid Ground is situated in Mymensingh.

d. Kishoregonj has 8 municipalties.

e. The area of Kishoregonj municipality is about 10 sq. kilometers.

f. Kishoregonj is about 150 Kilometers from Dhaka.

Answer to the question no 2

a. False; b. False; c. False; d. True;

e. True; f. False.


3. Answer the following questions in sentences.

a. Where does the name Kishoreganj come from?

b. How many villages are there in Kishoreganj district?

c. Why do people from many places come to Solakia?

d. Name the two important mosque of the district?

e. Where lies the Shiva Temple of Chandrabati?

Answer to the question no 3

a. The name Kishoreganj comes from the name of an old landlord known as

Brojakishore Pramanik or Nandakishore Pramanik.

b. There are 1745 villages in Kishoreganj district.

c. People from many places come to Solakia to celebrate Eid during the two Eid festivals.

d. The Pagla Mosque and the Shah Muhammad Mosque are the two important mosques of the district.

e. The Shiva Temple of Chandrabati lies near the Fuleshwari river.

4. Write a short composition about ‘The Important Places of Kishoreganj’

Answer to the question no 4

Kishoreganj is a small town, but there are many important places in and around it. Solakia Eid Ground, the largest Eid fairground of the country, is in the town. The Government Gurudayal College is also in the main town. The Fort of Isah Khan is at Jangal Bari in Kishoreganj. The Shah Muhammad Mosque, the Pagla Mosque and the Shiva temple of Chandrabati are also in Kishoreganj.

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