Read the text and fill in the gaps with the correct form of verbs as per subject and context.

Set 12

In many respects Roman civilization

(a) (belong) to the Hellenistic classification, a continuation of Greek culture with modification typical of the Romans. One of the most striking examples of this (b) (be) the organization of a great empire built on a precedent established by the Macedonians. The Romans (c) (lack) the imaginations of the Greeks, but (d) (bless) with practical common sense, enlightened by experience. Keen perseverance, not brilliant inspiration, (e) (be) responsible for the success of the Romans. Anything impractical

(f) (be) to them, a sign of degeneracy. They (g) (appreciate) the importance of religion, art and philosophy; but instead of taking time to develop these themselves, they borrowed from other people. Frequently they took theoretical conceptions from others and turned them into practical applications for their own use. The Roman father who (h) (to have) sufficient means to do so obtained a Greek to instruct his children. Roman genius and industry

(i) (direct) essentially towards agriculture, law, government and way. They culture of the Romans (j) (represent) the final stage of classical civilization in Western Europe.

Answer: a. belongs; b. was; c. lacked;

d. were blessed; e. was; f. was;

g. appreciate; h. had; i. were directed;

j. represents.

Set 13

Once there (a) (live) an idle king. He (b) (not undergo) physical labour. As a result, he (c) (get) bulky and could not move from one place to another. He (d) (call) in a doctor. The doctor (e) (be) clever and wise. He did not (f) (prescribe) any medicine for the king. He asked the king to buy a club and (g) (move) it in the air till his hands (h) (get) moistened. The king started (i) (follow) the prescription. Thus, the king (j) (relieve) of his problem.

Answer: a. lived; b. would not undergo; c. got; d. called; e. was; f. prescribe;

g. move; h. got; i. following;

j. was relieved.

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*মো. আফলাতুন, সহযোগী অধ্যাপক, ফেনী সরকারি কলেজ, ফেনী

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