a. In 1609 Galileo heard of telescope invented by a Hans Lippershey, a maker of spectacles.

b. He persuaded his father to let him study medicine and philosophy at the University of Pisa.

c. He wanted to make his son a cloth-dealer.

d. Soon Galileo made more powerful telescopes with which he made many amazing discoveries about the sun and the moon and stars.

e. Galileo was born on 15 February 1564, at Pisa, Italy.

f. He set to work on the day he heard of the Dutch telescope and made one of his own.

g. He showed at a very early age, an unusual talent for science.

h. But Galileo had no taste for business.

i. His father was a skilful musician and mathematician.

j. At the age only seventeen he had invented an important scientific law-the Law of the Pendulum.

Answer: e+i+c+h+g+j+b+a+f+d


a. The emperor smiled and said, ‘My worthy Generals, I remember my promise very well.’

b. But they were surprised to see that the emperor began to treat the rebels as friends.

c. When they reached the province, all tile rebels surrendered and begged to be pardoned .

d. An emperor was once informed that the people in one of his provinces had revolted.

e. The generals thought that the emperor would kill all the rebels.

f. They asked him, ‘Your Majesty, why are you not keeping your promise?’

g. Hearing this, he called his generals and said, ‘We will destroy all our enemies.’

h. ‘I meant to kill all my enemies, not friends and the rebels have become my friends.’

i. And they reminded him that it was to destroy the enemies without showing any forgiveness.

j. The generals went to the king.

Answer: d+g+c+e+b+j+f+i+a+h

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