Answer to the question no. 3.

a. The Olympic Games is a sports competition.

b. Different cities are the hosts of Olympics.

c. There are 30 different events in Olympics.

d. Many athletes compete there.

e. Since 1896 with the start of modern Olympics there have been 31 competitions.

f. The first Olympic Games began in allmost 3,000 years ago.

4. Write a short composition on ‘The Olympic Games’ in at least 5 sentences. [Remember to use capital letters, full stops and correct spelling].

Answer to the question no. 4.

The Olympic Games is the biggest sports competition in the world. The Olympic Games are held every four years in a different host city. More than 200 nations and about 13,000 athletes take part in the Olympics. The first Olympic Games were held in Greece about 3,000 years ago. The

modern Olympic Games began in 1896.

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