5. Fill in the gaps with the best word from the box. Find the information in the story. There are extra words which you need not use.



a. Bangladesh became independent in .

b. Bangladesh is mainly an country.

c. We have many places.

d. The Royal Bengal Tiger in the Sundarbans.

e. People from different communities live here in .

Answer to the question no. 5

a. 1971; b. agricultural;

c. interesting;

d. lives; e. peace

6. Write ‘True’ for correct statement or ‘False’ for incorrect statement .

a. Bangladesh became independent in 1971.

b. Bangladesh is a big country.

c. Bangladesh is mainly an agricultural country.

d. About 14 million people live here.

e. The Royal Bengal Tiger lives in the Sundarbans.

f. Cox’s Bazar is about 120 kilometres wide.

Answer to the question no. 6

a. True; b. False;

c. True; d. False;

e. True; f. False.

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ইকবাল খান, প্রভাষক
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