5. Read the information about enjoying ‘a birthday’. Then answer the questions:

1. A birthday is a memorable day in one’s life.

2. This is the day when you were born.

3. Children around the world have fun this day.

4. Parents ask other children to enjoy a party. They wear new clothes, cut cakes, sing songs and enjoy the day in different ways.


a. How is a birthday in one’s life?

b. Why is the birthday a memorable day in your life?

c. How do you celebrate your birthday?


a. A memorable day.

b. Because I was born on this day.

c. I arrange a birthday party. I invite my friends to the party. We sing song, play games and have lot of fun on this day. Usually there is a birthday cake on my birthday party.

6. Read the instructions about ‘keeping fit’. Then answer the questions:

1. Eat a good mix of food from all groups.

2. Eat as much food as your body needs.

3. Try to avoid unhealthy food.

4. Drink a lot of water.

5. Take physical exercise regularly.


a. Which are unhealthy foods?

b. Why should you eat a good mix of food?

c. How can you take physical exercise?


a. Potato chips, ice-cream, burger, sandwich, chocolate etc.

b. To get all the contents, these are necessary for our body.

c. I can take physical exercise in different ways. I can play outdoor games, walk in the open air, swim in the pond, go cycling and so on.

7. Read the instructions about ‘having breakfast’. Then answer the questions:

1. Eat a healthy breakfast to feel strong and active the whole day.

2. Take as much breads, cereals and meat and vegetables you need.

3. Take milk or dairy products and eggs moderately.

4. Eat some fresh fruits.

5. Drink adequate liquids and then you will pay more attention at school and remember your lessons better.


a. What do you take for breakfast?

b. Why should you take a healthy breakfast?

c. How do you feel strong the whole day and pay attention at your work?


a. Breads, cereals, vegetables, eggs, fruits, milk etc.

b. To feel strong and active the whole day.

c. I take a healthy breakfast such as breads, cereals, vegetables, eggs, some fresh fruits and milk. I drink adequate liquids also. And, thus I feel strong the whole day and pay more attention to my work

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