a. nationality, your, is, what

b. often, how, watch, do, TV, you

c. script, is, kind, braille, of a

d. wash, clothes, do, you, own, your

e. Cox’s Bazar, have, to, been, ever, you


a. What is your nationality?

b. How often do you watch TV?

c. Braille is a kind of script.

d. Do you wash your own clothes?

e. Have you ever been to Cox’s Bazar?

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পঞ্চম শ্রেণি - বাংলা | কাঞ্চনমালা আর কাঁকনমালা - প্রশ্নোত্তর (৯-১০)


a. do, not, they, friends, become

b. you, shall, for, wait, I

c. Saikat, does, read, five, in, class

d. Saikat, has, his, voice, lost

e. hospital, way, the, is, that, not


a. They do not become friends.

b. Shall I wait for you?

c. Does Saikat read in class five?

d. Has Saikat lost his voice?

e. The hospital is not that way.

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পঞ্চম শ্রেণি - বাংলা | বিরামচিহ্ন বসিয়ে অনুচ্ছেদ লেখো (১-২)