About Us

Haal Fashion- a fashion and lifestyle website begins its journey in April, 2022, with the aim of inspiring young people of Bangladesh who truly are trendy global citizens. Haal Fashion promises to provide rich content, smart presentation with a unique layout and design. Haal Fashion brings out the latest news, features, photos, videos, etc. from around the world and of Bangladesh as well on fashion, beauty, care, wellness, food, celebrities i.e., everything related to lifestyle.

Everyday life becomes more and more engaging. Life is taking on new meanings and approaches all the time. Haal Fashion uses an aesthetic approach to offer real-life and lifestyle to its readers from all over the world through write-ups, images, videos, and other media. Its medium is lifestyle journalism on the internet. By offering critical information on basic materials to its users, Haal Fashion will encourage healthy, beautiful, smart and sophisticated living. The positive life and the means through which it may be accessed will be promoted in front of the readers, the majority of whom are young people of the society. The fundamental information demand of present status of life and living and the changing technique of collecting this information will be bridged by Haal Fashion.