Read the following text carefully and answer the questions 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Sima: Hello! May I introduce myself? I’m Sima.
Jessica: Hi! I’m Jessica.
Sima: Where are you going, Jessica?
Jessica: I’m going to Chattogram. I’m on holiday with my father.
Sima: Really? Where are you from?
Jessica: I am from the United Kingdom. Are you from Dhaka?
Sima: No, I’m from Sylhet. That’s where we’re going. Our train is leaving in 10 minutes.
Jessica: Have a good journey.
Sima: Thank you. Nice meeting you Jessica. Have fun in Chattogram.
Jessica: Thanks. Nice meeting you, too, Sima.

1. Match the words of the column A with their meaning that is mentioned in the text in the column B. Extra two are given in column B.

Column A Column B

a. introduce i. to stay at any place

b. really ii. a period of travelling

c. live iii. to be familiar with a person or a thing

d. journey iv. to enjoy something

e. fun v. a period of sleeping

vi. to happen something actually

vii. to eat something


Answer to the question no 1

a. introduce —iii. to be familiar with a person or a thing

b. really— vi. to happen something actually

c. live — i. to stay at any place

d. journey —ii. a period of travelling

e. fun — iv. to enjoy something

2. Read the following statements. Write true (True) in your answer script if the statement is true. Write false (False) if the statement is false.

i. Sima and Jessica are talking at a railway station.

ii. Jessica is going to Sylhet.

iii. Sima is from Sylhet.

iv. Jessica is from the United Kingdom.

v. Jessica will spend her holiday in Dhaka.

vi. Sima is going to Sylhet.

Answer to the question no 2

i. True; ii. False; iii. True; iv. True;

v. False; vi. True.

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