Read the following text carefully and answer the questions 3 and 4.

3. Answer the following questions in sentences.

a. Who is introducing herself?

b. Where are Sima and Jessica talking?

c. Where is Jessica going?

d. Where is Sima going?

e. Where does Sima live?

f. Where is Jessica from?

Answer to the question no 3

a. Sima is introducing herself.

b. They are talking at a railway station.

c. Jessica is going to Chittagong.

d. Sima is going to Sylhet.

e. Sima lives in Sylhet.

f. Jessica is from the United Kingdom.


4. Write at least five sentences about how Sima and Jessica are getting introduced and talking to each other by answering the given set of questions related to the text. (Remember to use capital letters, full stops and correct spelling)

Answer to the question no 4

Sima and Jessica get introduced to each other. Sima asks Jessica where she is going. Jessica replies that she is going to Chittagong with her father. Jessica also asks Sima if she is from Dhaka. Sima replies that she is from Sylhet. She also says that she is going to Sylhet.

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