Read the following text carefully and answer the questions 1, 2 and 3.

Tamal: Hello, Andy!

Andy: Hi, Tamal! How are you?

Tamal: Fine, thanks. Andy, meet my friend, Sima Zaman.

And Sima, this is Andy. Andy Smith.

Sima: Hello, Mr. Smith.

Andy: Hello! Please call me Andy. And can I call you Sima?

Sima: Sure!

Andy: Please, sit down. Let’s chat.

1. Match the words of the column A with their meaning that is mentioned in the text in the column B (extra two are given in column B).

Column A Column B

a. fine i. without any doubt

b. friend ii. good or good enough

c. sure iii. not to engage in any work

d. really iv. a close mate

e. free v. to happen something actually

vi. to do something slowly

vii. a person who hates you

Answer to the question no 1

a. fine-ii. good or good enough

b. friend-iv. a close mate

c. sure-i.without any doubt

d. happen something actually

e. free-iii.not to engage in any work

2. Read the following statements. Write 'True' in your answer script if the statement is true. Write 'False' if the statement is false.

i. Tamal is fine.

ii. Full name of Andy is Smith.

iii. Tamal draws attention of Andy Smith.

iv. Andy asks how Tamal is.

v. Sima draws attention of Tamal.

vi. Andy requests Sima to sit down.

Answer to the question no 2

i. True; ii. False; iii. True; iv. True;

v. False; vi. True

3. Answer the following questions in sentences.

a. How is Tamal?

b. Who exchange greetings?

c. How do you spend your leisure?

d. Who is Andy Smith?

e. Who thanked Andy?

f. Who is Sima Zaman?

Answer to the question no 3

a. Tamal is fine.

b. Tamal and Andy exchange greetings.

c. I spend my leisure time by reading books.

d. Andy Smith is Tamal’s friend.

e. Tamal thanked Andy.

f. Sima Zaman is Tamal’s friend.

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