Read the passage and answer the questions 1.

Tamal : Hi, my friend! Nasreen and I are reporters for the English Club Magazine. Would you mind answering some questions?

Sima : Sure. No problem. It’s my pleasure.

Tamal : Could you tell me your name and which class you are in?

Sima : I’m Sima. I’m in Class 5.

Tamal : How do you spend your leisure time, Sima?

Sima : Well, I like to walk in the park. I also like to sing. My cousin lives in the UK. Sometimes, I talk to her and her friends on the internet.

Nasreen : So, talking on the internet keeps you connected.

Sima : That’s right.

Tamal : (to Biju) Hello! Can I ask you the same questions?

Biju : My name’s Biju and I’m in Class 5, too. I love swimming. It keeps me fit. I also like painting. I’m not very good, but painting makes me happy.

Tamal : What about reading? Do either of you like reading?

Biju : I do. I often read magazines in my free time. I like magazines about sports, especially football and cricket.

Sima : Oh, I like to read, too. I love reading funny stories, especially stories of Nasiruddin Hojja.


1. Match the words of the column A with their meaning that is mentioned in the text in column B.

Column A Column B

a. Friend i. spare time for ease and relaxation

b. Reporter ii. a forever enemy

c. Leisure iii. a network to facilitate data transmission and exchange

d. Sometimes iv. an intimate companion

e. Internet v. the previous day

vi. now and then

vii. a newsman

Answer to the question no 1

a+ iv. Friend = an intimate companion.

b + vii. Reporter = a newsman.

c+ i. Leisure = spare time for ease and relaxation.

d+ vi. Sometimes = now and then.

e+ iii. Internet = a network to facilitate data transmission and exchange.

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