sound, already, suffer, cover, compare, difficult, congest, absent, dense, which, do, intersection

Alleviating traffic (a) is one of the major development challenges of our time. Half the world’s population (b) lives in cities and the UN estimates that the proportion will rise to nearly 70 percent by 2050. Dhaka, the world’s (c) and fastest growing city, is a case study in how this problem got so bad and why it’s so (d) to solve. Dhaka’s infrastructure doesn’t match the scale of her population. Just 7% of the city is

(e) by roads (f) with around 25% of Paris and Vienna. Dhaka also (g) for the (h) of a planned road network. There are 650 major (i) but only 60 traffic lights, many of (j) don’t work.

Answer: a. congestion; b. already;

c. densest; d. difficult; e. covered;

f. compared; g. suffers; h. absence;

i. intersections; j. which.



unequal, in, adolescence, are, send, condition, country, lot, force, abuse, parents, marry

Adolescence is the period of our life. Adolescents are the vital (a) of a country. There (b) 28 million adolescents living (c) our country. But the (d) of adolescent girls in our (e) is not satisfactory. The (f) girls have to face a (g) of problems including female (h) , violence, familial dominance and sexual (i) . In addition, most of the (j) of our country do not send their daughters to school and marry their daughters off at a premature age.

Answer: a. force; b. are; c. in;

d. condition; e. country; f. adolescent;

g. lot; h. inequality; i. abuse; j. parents.


sustainable, goal, diverse, ends, make, particular, open, candidate, peace, people, conspiracies, non-violence

A peace movement is a social movement that seeks to achieve ideals such as the ending to a particular war (or all wars), minimize inter-human violence in a particular place or type of situation, including ban of guns, and is often linked to the goal of achieving world peace. Means to achieve these (a) include advocacy of pacifism, (b) resistance, diplomacy, boycotts, demonstrations,

(c) camps; supporting anti war political (d) and banning guns, creating (e) government, direct democracy; supporting (f) who expose war crimes or (g) to create wars, and (h) laws. Different organizations involved in peace movements may have sortie (i) goals but one common goal is (j) of peace.

Answer: a. ends; b. non-violent;

c. peace; d. candidates; e. open;

f. people; g. conspiracies; h. making;

i. diverse; j. sustainability.

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