Set 1

Social values underline a set principles of generally accepted norms and behavior of a society. Our forefathers practiced a good number of social values like simplicity, honesty, sincerity, responsibility and piety. We have replaced those good aspects with complexity, dishonesty, corruption, conspiracy, faithlessness and envy. Our materialistic attitude has made us self-centered and corrupted. We must get rid of these vices and create awareness among all about the negative impacts of our wrong-doings. In order to make a better society, we should create awareness among people about the outcome of their misdeeds. We must have distinctive social values once practiced by our forefather. We should give importance to the past moral values to bring peace and harmony in the

society and make the world better for living.

Words: a. accepted (antonym);

b. sincerity (antonym); c. responsibility (synonym); d. complexity (antonym); e. envy (antonym); f. vice (antonym); g. impact (synonym); h. outcome (synonym); i. importance (synonym);

j. awareness (synonym)

Answer: a. rejected b. insincerity

c. liability/duty d. simplicity e. praise/love f. virtue g. effect h. result

i. significance j. consciousness.

Set 2

Books are men’s best friends in life. You may have many good friends, but you do not find them when you need them. They may not always come to you with sympathy. Some may prove true or some may prove false and do you much harm. But books are always ready to be your side. Some books will make you laugh; some others will give you much pleasure. Again some books will bring new knowledge and ideas. They are your ever friends throughout your life.

Words: a. friend (antonym); b. need (antonym); c. sympathy (synonym);

d. prove (synonym); e. false (antonym); f. harm (antonym); g. laugh (antonym); h. pleasure (synonym); i. bring (synonym); j. idea (synonym).

Answer: a. enemy/foe b. needless c. pity d. affirm e. true f. benefit/help g. cry/weep h. joy/delight i. fetch j. impression/concept

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