Set 3

Grass is vegetation consisting of short plants with long narrow leaves. The grass family contains some 9000 species, including both terrestrial and aquatic species. No other plant family has been so successful in colonizing a broad range of habitats across the globe. Most grasses have inconspicuous flowers that are wind

pollinated. Certain species are cultivated as food crops. Others are employed in horticulture.

Words: a. consist (synonym) b. narrow (antonym) c. include (antonym) d. aquatic (synonym) e. successful (synonym) f. broad (antonym) g. habitat (synonym) h. inconspicuous (synonym) i. certain (antonym) j. employed (synonym)

Answer: a. comprise b. broad/wide

c. exclude d. watery e. capable f. narrow g. residence/abode h. unclear/obscure

i. uncertain j. engaged.

Set 4

Democracy is the system of government which allows freedom of speech, religious and political opinion. It means fair and equal treatment for the citizens without social class division. In fact, in a democratic country people elect their representatives who work for the people. Free and fair election is the pre-condition for democracy. In a democratic country, people enjoy the rights of food, cloth, shelter, education, medical treatment and other facilities.


Words: a. allow (synonym) b. freedom (synonym) c. opinion (synonym) d. fair (antonym) e. equal (antonym) f. division (antonym) g. elect (synonym)

h. treatment (synonym) i. facility (synonym).

Answer: a. permit b. liberty c. view

d. unfair e. unequal f. unity g. select

h. care/service i. advantage.

Set 5

We should never call a student weaker. Teachers should never discourage any student frustrating his/her interest, ability and dream. Every teacher should try his/her best to find out the ways of success for the students and guide them to achieve it.

Words: a. never (antonym); b. weaker (antonym); c. discourage (antonym); d. frustrating (synonym); e. interest (synonym) f. ability (synonym); g. dream (synonym); h. best (antonym); i. success (antonym) j. achieve (synonym).

Answer: a. always b. stronger

c. encourage d. disappointing

e. eagerness f. capability g. fancy

h. worst i. failure j. attain/gain.

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