Set 6

Illiteracy is a (a) curse (antonym). It is the root (b) cause (synonym) of (c) ignorance (antonym) which (d) frustrates (synonym) all (e) development (synonym) efforts of the government. No development effort can (f) succeed (synonym) unless illiteracy is (g) eradicated (antonym). Eradication of illiteracy in a country like Bangladesh with so (h) vast (antonym) a population is (i) undoubtedly (synonym) a (j) gigantic (antonym) task.

Words: a. curse (antonym) b. cause (synonym) c. ignorance (antonym)

d. frustrates (synonym) e. development (synonym) f. succeed (synonym)

g. eradicated (antonym) h. vast (antonym) i. undoubtedly (synonym)

j. gigantic (antonym)

Answer: a. blessing b. reason c. wisdom/knowledge d. fail e. improvement

f. prosper g. retained h. small i. certainly j. small.


Set 7

Before entering into such agreement or even before paying any money, you must check the reputation of the developer. You shall visit some other projects completed by that developer. After checking the background and reputation of the developer, you needed to check the title of the land where you are intended to purchase the flat. It is very important to inquire about the chain of ownership of the land and other papers and documents i.e. the title deed of the landowner, Bia Deeds, all Khatians, Mutation etc. and to investigate whether any case of dispute is pending with regard to the property. It is also very important to check the approval/ plan of RAJUK to construct building thereon. You have to also check the Deed of Agreement executed between the landowners and the developers and the Irrevocable General Power of Attorney executed in favor of the developers by the landowners. It may be wise to see the REHAB membership certification of the development as well. You need these documents to get checked by a lawyer to ensure that all the terms and conditions are in order and would not construct against the interest of the developer.

Words: a. enter (antonym) b. agreement (synonym) c. reputation (synonym)

d. complete (antonym) e. check (synonym) f. purchase (antonym) g. important (antonym) h. build (antonym) i. favor (antonym) j. wise (antonym).

Answer: a. exit b. contract c. fame

d. incomplete e. control f. sell

g. unimportant h. demolish i. disfavor

j. unwise.

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