Set 10

Although the Earth revolves around the Sun, from our point of view we see the Sun moving around the sky along an imaginary circle called the ecliptic once every 365.256 days. This is known as the sidereal year. The ecliptic crosses the equator twice a year. On March 20, known as the vernal (spring) equinox, the Sun starts its northward journey from the equator to word the Tropic of Cancer. The interval of time from one vernal equinox to the next, known as tropical year, is 365.242 days. The southward motion of the Sun from the equator start on September 22 and the day is called autumnal equinox. On these dates, day and night become equal 10 at all latitudes.

Words: a. revolve (synonym) b. view (synonym) c. imaginary (antonym)

d. known (antonym) e. start (synonym) f. journey (antonym) g. interval (antonym) h. motion (synonym) i. start (antonym) j. equal (antonym).

Answer: (a) move (b) see (c) real (d) unknown (e) begin (f) rest

(g) continuation (h) speed (i) finish

(j) unequal


Set 11

The whispering wind from the river Jamuna makes the fire unsteady. They dancing of the flames remind Meherjan of the turmoil in her life. Not long ago Meherjan had everything-a family, cultivable land and cattle. The erosion of the Jamuna consumed gradually all her landed property. It finally claimed her last shelter during the last monsoon. It took the river only a day to demolish Meher’s house, trees, vegetable garden and the bamboo bush. She had a happy family once. Over the years, she lost her husband and her family to diseases that cruel hunger and poverty brought to the family. Now, she is the only one left to live on with the loss and the pain.

Words: a. unsteady (antonym) b. life (antonym) c. cultivable (antonym) d. final (synonym) e. last (antonym) f. demolish (synonym) g. happy (antonym) h. lost (antonym) i. cruel (synonym) j. live (antonym).

Answer: a. steady b. death

c. uncultivable d. end e. first f. destroy g. unhappy h. gained i. unkind j. die.

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