Set 14

Everyone must play a part in protecting the environment. There are many things you can do on your own everyday to help save the planet. Here are some suggestions. Really the best thing we can do for the planet is to use less of it. Our consumer society is mainly responsible for the environmental crisis, unfortunately, we are encouraged to buy a new improved item even if the one we have can be repaired or reused. When we buy things, we should utilize these things in such a way that we can repair or reuse them.

Words: a. protect (synonym)

b. do (antonym) c. save (antonym) d. real (synonym) e. less (antonym) f. responsible (antonym) g. crisis (synonym) h. unfortunate (antonym) i. encourage (synonym) j. buy (synonym).

Answer: a. save b. undo c. destroy

d. factual e. more f. irresponsible

g. problem h. fortunate i. inspire

j. purchase.


Set 15

(a) Literacy (antonym) is a (b) blessing (antonym). No nation can (c) prosper (antonym) without education. (d) Education (synonym) is the indicator of (e) prosperity (synonym) of a nation. It is often argued that an illiterate jobless person is better than a literate jobless person. But this is quite (f) illogical (antonym). An educated person has (g) bigger (synonym) extent of self-employment; his productivity is also (h) more (synonym) then his counterpart. He can distinguish between good and (i) bad (antonym) in a much (j) better (synonym) way.

Words: a. Literacy (antonym), b. blessing (antonym), c. prosper (antonym), d. Education (synonym), e. prosperity (synonym), f. illogical (antonym), g. bigger (synonym),

h. more (synonym), i. bad (antonym), j. better (synonym).

Answer: a. illiteracy b. curse c. decline d. Literacy e. success f. logical g. larger h. additional i. good j. greater.

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