Set 18

An intellectual is one who is an enlightened person. Literate persons give light to others. In every society we find intellectuals, such as philosophers, scientists, scholars, writers and critics. As they are enlightened persons, they feel responsibility towards, society. In a society all cannot be intellectuals. If a time comes when all are intellectuals, it would be a blessed time indeed. But at present all are not intellectuals and those who are intellectuals, have the great responsibility of guiding others on the right path. If today we have order and security in life, and if our life is better than that of our primitive ancestors, it is because the intellectuals, from time to time, have been guiding humanity on the path of felicity and amity.

Words: a. intellectual (synonym); b. enlightened (synonym); c. literate (antonym); d. light (antonym);

e. enlightened (antonym);

f. responsibility (antonym); g. blessed (synonym); h. guiding (synonym); i. security (synonym); j. amity (synonym);

Answer: a. scholar b. educated c. illiterate d. darkness e. ignorant f. irresponsibility g. happy h. leading i. safety j. friendliness.


Set 19

Nowadays fundamentalism and terrorism go hand in hand. In Christian thought, fundamentalism is the belief that everything in the Bible is true and should from the basis of religious, thought and practice. But at present, the term is used in a broader sense meaning the strict following of the basic teaching of any religion. And terrorism means the use of violence to achieve some political aims. So, apparently the two ideas seem different. But in modern times some fundamentalists use force or violence to achieve their aims. The religious fundamentalists believe that only their religion is true and all should follow it strictly. They are not ready to tolerate any deviation or relaxation. So, they compel the people by force to follow their dictates.

Words: a. belief (antonym); b. basis (synonym); c. religious (antonym);

d. thought (synonym); e. broad (antonym); f. strict (antonym);

g. apparently (synonym); h. tolerate (synonym); i. deviation (antonym);

j. dictates (synonym)

Answer: a. disbelief b. foundation

c. irreligious d. concept e. narrow

f. indulgent g. obviously h. endure

i. conformity j. commands.

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