Set 30

A good stock (a) words is necessary (b) anybody who wants to use a language. Vocabulary is an essential component (c) successful communication. It is an integral part (d) reading skill. While grammar is important, a lack

(e) vocabulary may result

(f) complete failure to convey a message. Vocabulary includes conceptual knowledge (g) words that go well (h) an ordinary dictionary meaning. Student’s vocabulary knowledge is a building process that occurs (i) time as they tend to make connections (j) other words.


a. of; b. for; c. of d. of; e. of; f. in;

g. of; h. with i. with; j. with


Set 31

The main duty (a) the students is to study and earn knowledge to make themselves eligible (b) future leadership. But (c) Bangladesh present situation is far (d) the ideal one. Students are now involved (e) politics. Although they are few in number, they control the overall environment of the educational institutions. Other than academic routine, students can contribute to building the society as a happy abode. Students can offer some social services (f) community. Most (g) the people of our country are illiterate. Students can open night schools to teach the illiterate people. Female students can teach the uneducated women how to keep their house neat and clean, how to bring (h) children and look (i) their health. They can also teach general people (j) the basic rules of health and environment. During floods and cyclones and famines, they can raise funds, rescue people, feed the hungry, nurse the sick and clothe the naked. All these will help us build nation well in future.


a. of; b. for; c. in; d. from; e. in;

f. for/to; g. of; h. up; i. after;

j. about/on

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