Set 13

Hasan : Hello, How are you ?

Kamal : Pretty well, thanks. And you?

Hasan : Very fine. Did you enjoy the cricket match (a) Bangladesh and Pakistan held (b) Mirpur Stadium last Wednesday?

Kamal : Certainly. I am very interested (c) cricket.

Hasan : What’s your impression (d) the match?

Kamal : Really I am very impressed (e) the performance (f) Bangladesh cricket team.

Hasan : Yes, it is a great surprise that Bangladesh beat the ex-world champion.

Kamal : Of course. You know Pakistan is one of the well-known teams (g) the cricket world and they are defeated (h) us.

Hasan : I think Bangladesh will bring good name and fame (i) the country.

Kamal : Our hope is not unreasonable.

Hasan : Okay. Thank you and wait

(j) the next match.

Answer: a. between; b. at; c. in; d. of;

e. with; f. of; g. in; h. by; i. for; j. for


Set 14

When a storm revolves violently round a centre, it is termed a cyclone. It moves

(a) a high speed ranging (b) forty to one hundred or more kms per hour.

(c) the last 10 years, several devastating cyclones swept over Bangladesh and caused immense harm

(d) the people. This is like a curse especially (e) the inhabitants (f) the coastal regions (g) Bangladesh. A cyclone may occur any time (h) any place. The cyclone of Bangladesh generally originates (i) the Bay of Bengal and blows (j) land.

Answer: a. at; b. from; c. During; d. to; e. to; f. of; g. of; h. at; i. from; j. towards

Set 15

Last week we went (a) Bagerhat

(b) my uncle and had the opportunity to see the Shat Gambuj Mosque which is one (c) the three WorldHeritage Sites (d) Bangladesh. The mosque was built (e) Khan Jahan Ali. It stands (f) sixty pillars (g) its seventy-seven domes and not with sixty ones as the name suggests. The constraction (h) the mosque is really wonderful. The interior wall is decorated (i) terracotta flowers and foliage. It is also a place (j) historical interest.

Answer: a. to; b. with; c. of; d. of; e. by; f. on; g. with; h. of; i. with; j. of

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