Read the text and fill in the gaps with the correct form of verbs as per subject and context.

Set 16

To err is human. If a man commits crime anytime and repents truly for his misdeed, he may (a) (forgive). But the man who (b) (not, give up) the wrong, (c) (suffer) surely. In the long run, he (d) (will take) to the land of death. The old sailor (e) (be) a wrong-doer in his long journey. He committed a crime (f) (kill) a sea bird (g) (call) Albatross. That crime ultimately (h) (bring) bad luck to them. The ship (i) (leave) in the icy sea. The sun shone over their head. The wind (j) (drop) down. It was a great disaster.

Answer: a. be forgiven; b. does not give up; c. suffers; d. will be taken; e. was;

f. killing; g. called; h. brought; i.was left; j. dropped.

Set 17

There are many people who (a) (not take) physical exercise. They can hardly (b) (realize) that they themselves (c) (ruin) their health. They (d) (fall) victim to many diseases. Life (e) (become) dull to them. They (f) (remain) always ill tempered. We (g) (build) good health and sound mind through physical exercise. Physical exercise (h) (make) our body active and the muscles strong. It also (i) (improve) our power of digestion and blood circulation. It (j) (give) strength to our brain.

Answer: a. do not take; b. realize;

c. are ruining; d. are falling; e. becomes; f. remain; g. can build; h.

makes; i. improves; j. gives.

Set 18

My 16th birthday ceremony (a) (hold) yesterday. On the occasion the whole house (b) (decorate) very nicely. All the rooms (c) (clean). A dining table (d) (set) in the middle of the dining room. Various delicious items of food (e) (cook) by my mother. An order (f) (give) for a birthday cake. The guests who (g) (invite) started to come. They (h) (welcome) by my parents. They (i) (tell) to sit in the drawing room. The cake (j) (bring) in time.

Answer: a. was held; b. was decorated; c. were cleaned; d. was set; e. were cooked; f. was given; g. were invited; h. were welcomed; i. were told; j. was brought.

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