Change the following sentences as directed in the brackets.


a. Mr. Jahir is a strong man (Negative).

b. It is a matter of surprise that he was a dangerous fighter in his youth (Exclamatory).

c. He was the best boxer in Bangladesh (Positive).

d. His grandson is not less strong than he (Affirmative).

e. The boy is always honest (Negative).


a. Mr. Jahir is not a weak man.

b. What a dangerous fighter he was in his youth!

c. No other boxer in Bangladesh was so good as he.

d. His grandson is as strong as he.

e. The boy is never dishonest.


a. Abir is better than most other men in the village (Positive).

b. He loves all his friends (Negative).

c. He performs his tasks very efficiently (Exclamatory).

d. He is always grateful to his parents (Negative).

e. His son prefers only toys (Passive).


a. Very few men in the village are so good as Abir.

b. He does not hate any of his friends.

c. How efficiently he performs his tasks!

d. He is never ungrateful to his parents.

e. Only toys are preferred by his son.


a. Morshed is one of the wisest men in the village (Comparative).

b. Nobody is his enemy (Affirmative).

c. He speaks so softly (Exclamatory).

d. We should help him in his work (Passive).

e. We wish that he will succeed in life (Optative).


a. Morshed is wiser than most other men in the village.

b. Everybody is his friend.

c. How softly he speaks!

d. He should be helped by us in his work.

e. May he succeed in life.


a. Shaheen is clever than most other men in the area (Superlative).

b. He behaves very nicely (Exclamatory).

c. He never tells a lie (Affirmative).

d. Everybody is pleased with him (Active).

e. He is not a poor man (Interrogative).


a. Shaheen is one of the cleverest men in the area.

b. How nicely he behaves!

c. He always speaks the truth.

d. He pleases everybody.

e. Is he a poor man?


a. Mr. Habibur Rahman is a religious man (Negative).

b. He offers his prayers very sincerely (Passive).

c. Very few men in the village are so helpful as he. (Superlative).

d. His son never tells a lie (Affirmative).

e. He is always punctual (Negative).


a. Mr. Habibur Rahman is not an irreligious man.

b. His prayers are offered very sincerely.

c. He is one of the most helpful men in the village.

d. His son always speaks the truth.

e. He is never late.

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