She smiles and says,‘Do you want to see what I have in the box?’ All the students shout excitedly,‘Yes, we do’.‘Okay, could you help me open the box?’

Mita, Munir, Asif, Banu and Reba come forward to help their teacher. ‘You,’ says Ms Asma Haque.

‘Mita, cut the rope with the scissors, please.’

‘Thanks. You can go to your seat.’

‘Asif, open the box. Thank you, Asif’.

‘Banu, come here. Now tell me what is in the box?’

‘There is a fork, a round spoon, a flat spoon, a tea spoon, a bowl, a cup, a lid, a frying pan and a plate.

‘Thank you, Banu. Go back to your seat.’

‘Munir, come here. Take out the stove and put it on the table. Go back to your seat.’

‘Reba, come here. Take out all the packets and put them on the table. Thank you, Reba. Go to your seat.’

‘Well, I think I need some more help. Hira, come to me. Bring out the spoons, the bowl and the frying pan and put them on the table.’

‘Thank you. Go to your seat.’

‘Today we will do something new in the class. We are going to make a big cake.’

The students are excited. They have forgotten about the time. Meanwhile, the bell rings. The students are sad. The class is over.

Ms Asma Haque tells the class, ‘Don’t be sad please. We will make the cake next week.’

5. Fill in the blanks with the given words.

cuts, finds, box , class, curious, above, happy

a. One day Ms Asma Haque brings a ____ in the class.

b. The students become _____ to see the box.

c. Mita ____ the rope.

d. Ms Haque asks Banu to tell what she ____ in the box.

e. Everybody in the _____ is curious.

Answer to the question no 6

a. box; b. curious; c. cuts; d. finds; e. class.

6. Read the following statements. Write ‘True’ in your answer script if the statement is true. Write ‘False’ if the statement is false.

a. One day Ms Asma Haque brings a big box in her classroom.

b. The box is tied with a tape.

c. All the students want to know what Ms Asma Haque has in the box.

d. Asma could understand her students’ curiosity.

e. We are going to make a big cage.

f. Munir takes out the stove.

Answer to the question no 6

a. True; b. False; c. True; d. True; e. False; f. True.

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