Answer to the question no. 7

a. Ms. Asma Haque brings a big box in the class.

b. The students are curious about the box.

c. Mita, Munir, Asif, Banu and Zeba come forward to help Ms. Asma Haque.

d. Ms. Asma Haque asks Mita to cut the rope with the scissors.

e. Asif opens the box.

f. i. List of things:

A fork, a round spoon, a flat spoon, a tea spoon, a bowl, a cup, a lid, a frying pan and a plate.

ii. List of pupils:

Mita, Munir, Asif, Banu, Reba and Hira.

8. Suppose you are Altaf. Write a letter to your friend, Shamim about your good teacher.

33 Baddanagar Water Tank,

Hazaribagh, Dhaka-1205

November 12, 2021

Dear Shamim,

How are you? How have you enjoyed during Eid-ul-Adha?

I am fine. I am going to write to you about my favorite teacher.

Mr. Kaisar is my favorite teacher. He hailed from Barishal. He is a good teacher. He always gives us good notes, learning materials and suggestions. He is very caring. He is truly a professional. He is not a by-chance teacher. I am proud of him.

What about you ? Who is your favorite teacher? Please write me back.

Your loving friend,


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