Set 16

A good writer may be a good reader. A good reader may be a good speaker or make good recitation. Nothing of this is impossible for a man if he is not lazy. The main thing is sincerity. Seriousness should also be taken under consideration.
If a man is serious, he can make impossible to be possible. If we become serious in our intention, we can shine in life.


Words: a. good (antonym) b. speaker (synonym) c. recitation (synonym) d. impossible (antonym) e. lazy (antonym) f. sincerity (synonym)

g. seriousness (synonym) h. possible (antonym) i. intention (synonym)

j. shine (synonym).

Answer: a. bad b. lecturer

c. reading/perusal d. possible e. active

f. seriousness g. sincerity/eagerness

h. impossible i. desire j. prosper/success.

Set 17

Democracy is the system of government which allows
freedom of speech, religious and political opinion. It means fair
and equal treatment for the citizens without social class division.
In fact in a democratic country
people elect their representatives
who work for the people. Free and fair election is the precondition for democracy in a democratic country. People enjoy the right of food, cloth, shelter, education, medical treatment and other facilities.

Words: a. allow (synonym);
b. freedom (synonym); c. opinion (synonym); d. fair (antonym);
e. equal (antonym); f. division (antonym); g. elect (antonym); h. enjoy (antonym); i. treatment (synonym); j. facility (synonym).


Answer 17: a. permit b. liberty
c. view d. unfair e. unequal
f. union g. select h. lose i. care

j. advantage.

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