Put the following parts of the story in correct order to make the whole story. Only the corresponding numbers of the sentences need to be written.


a. But the corporal, full of dignity, did nothing but stood by and shouted orders.

b. ‘Are you?’ said the officer.

c. Presently an officer, not in uniform rode up.

d. ‘Hello’, he said to the corporal, Why don’t you lend your men a hand to get that beam up?’

e. He then getting down from his horse, worked very hard to put the beam to its place and the man was no other than Washington himself.

f. Don’t you know that I am a corporal?’ was the reply.

g. There were too few men for the work.

h. In the American War of Independence, a corporal and a party of soldiers were sent to raise a heavy beam for a battery.

Answer: h+g+a+c+d+f+b+e



a. The King followed the advice of the physician.

b. He advised the king to move a heavy club in the air till he got tired.

c. He did not undergo physical labour.

d. The doctor was very wise.

e. He became bulky and could not do anything.

f. Once there was an idle king.

g. He did not prescribe any medicine.

h. He called in a doctor.

Answer: f+c+e+h+d+g+b+a


a. There are various sizes of pyramids in that area.

b. The tombs were for the Egyptian pharaohs.

c. It is also known as the pyramids of Giza and also a wonder of the ancient world.

d. These tombs of the pharaohs and the consorts were built during the old and kingdom periods.

e. Most of the pyramids were built as tombs.

f. As decided, the earliest of
the pyramids were found in Saffura.

g. Pyramid of Khufu is also quite famous.

h. This is a place in the northeast of Egypt.

Answer: f+h+a+e+b+d+g+c

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