Question no. 3

# Read the following text and fill in the gaps with appropriate words to make it a meaningful one.

Set 31

People (a) ideas through speaking and listening. Then there came the art of writing. But to (b) thoughts in writing was difficult. Writing (c) were not available. People used the surface of stone, metal, wood, bark, leaves etc. for writing. Those things were not easy to carry. Then for ages, people looked for (d) writing materials. Paper was invented in China in 105 AD. Before paper age, knowledge was very restricted. Paper has (e) our life. Answer: a. exchanged; b. record;

c. materials; d. easy; e. changed.

Set 32

The captain (a) the passengers on board Flight BG88 to Bangkok. The plane is expected to be in the air in (b) seven minutes. He (c) all the passengers to fasten their seats belts and secure all baggage under their seats or in the overhead compartments. He also tells them to turn (d) all personal devices including laptops and cell phones. (e) it is a non-smoking flight, smoking in the lavatory is prohibited.

Answer: a. welcomes; b. approximately; c. requests; d. off; e. Since.