Set 9

Thousands of years ago, the first pearl was probably discovered while human beings were searching for food at the seashore. Throughout history, the pearl with its (a) has been one of the most highly valued gems. Pearls have been mentioned many times in (b) texts and mythologies from the earliest times. The (c) Egyptians valued pearls so much that they were (d) with them. It is said that the famous queen of Egypt Cleopatra would (e) a pearl in a glass and drink it as a sign of love and respect for the entire nation.

Answer: a. shine; b. religious; c. ancient; d. buried; e. dissolve.

Set 10

River gypsies have no permanent living place. Gypsy (a) are born and brought up on roaming boats. Therefore, they cannot go to conventional (b) . And hence, (c) boat-schools are coming up for gypsy children. Some
(d) organisations are running special schools on (e) to educate river gypsy children in some areas.

Answer: a.children; b. schools;
c. mobile; d. voluntary; e. boats.

Set 11

They build their houses on bamboo and
(a) platforms (b) ‘machang’. Rice is their (c) food. They eat vegetables, maize and fish,
(d) and meat. Their kitchen
(e) are bamboo, wooden and
earthen pots which they make themselves. Answer: a.wooden; b. called; c. main;

d.poultry; e. utensils.

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