ইংরেজি ২য় পত্র | Narration/Speech

Set 27

The writer asked Jerry if he had seen his mother. Jerry replied that he saw her every summer and added that she sent for him. The writer wanted to cry out and asked why he was not with her and how she could let him go away again. Jerry again replied that she went up there from Manville whenever she could. He also told that she did not have a job then.


“Have you seen your mother, Jerry?” “I see her every summer. She

sends for me.” I wanted to cry out. “Why are you not with her? How can she let you go away again?” He said, “She comes up here from Manville whenever she can. She does not have a job now.”

Set 28

He said to me that he had gone there the previous day from his village. I asked him why he had gone. He replied that his mother had sent him to me with that letter. I asked him how his mother was and told him that I had not seen her for a long time and I hoped that she was quite well.


“I came here yesterday from my village,” he said. “Why did you come?” I asked. “My mother sent me to you with this letter.” “How is your mother? I have not seen her for a long time. I hope she is quite well.”

Set 29

The monster called the great king of the genies and said that he would never again disobey him (G). Hearing those words, the fishermen became brave and told the monster to tell him (f) why he (M) had been locked up in the vase. Then the giant angrily looked at him and told the fishermen to speak to him (M) more politely, otherwise he (M) would kill him (F). The fisherman asked why he would kill him.


“Great king of the genies,” called the monster. “I will never disobey you.” Hearing those words, the fisherman became very brave and said, “Tell me why you were locked up in the vase?” The giant angrily looked at the fisherman and said, “Speak to me politely or I shall kill you.” “Why should you kill me?” asked the fisherman.