Gap filling activities without clues. Fill in the blanks with suitable preposition, articles and zero articles.


(a) world is full (b) uncountable natural and man-made objects. (c) Natural objects are stones, trees, air and water. (d) Man-made objects are houses, cars, clothes and chemical, natural forces are cyclones, earthquakes, volcanoes, storms and ocean currents. Life exists (e) different condition. It is very important to keep (f) environment clean. The environment provides food and shelter (g) all the living organisms. Keeping it clean and pollution free ensures we have a steady supply (h) fresh air. To keep and attain (i) clean environment that is free (j) dust, smell and disease, we have to exert our collective contribution.

Answer: a. The; b. of; c. x; d. x; e. in; f. the; g. to; h. of; i. a; j. from.


Child labour is one of (a) biggest curses (b) the 21st century. It is (c) unfortunate that this has become very accepted (d) our society. Poverty is mainly responsible (e) this. In (f) family of five or six children, the parents have to send their kids (g) their work stations so that they can fill their empty (h) stomach. These poor and helpless children are rewarded (i) all kinds of abuse though they work hard all day long. No other thing is as disgraceful as child abuse for (j) nation. The government has taken necessary measures to check it.

Answer: a. the; b. of; c. x; d. in; e. for; f. a; g. to; h. x; i. with; j. a.


Society is (a) common home which we need (b) birth to death. In order to live in (c) very comfortable way, society is (d) must. We live (e) society. So, we must learn how to live in peace and amity (f) others. We have to respect others rights and privileges and likes and dislikes as we expect respect (g) others. We have a lot of duties and responsibilities in (h) society. Education should aim (i) making each individual fully aware (j) these duties and responsibilities. It is true that one has to learn how to earn the bread.

Answer: a. the; b. from; c. a; d. a; e. in; f. with; g. from; h. x; i. at; j. of.

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