Gap filling activities without clues.

Fill in the blanks with suitable preposition, articles and zero articles.


The world is (a) a glass. If you smile, it smiles. If you frown, it frowns (b) back. If you look (c) it through (d) red glass, all seem red. If (e) a smoked one, all dull and dirty. Always try then to look at (f) bright side of things. Almost everything in the world has (g) bright side. Greet everyone (h) a bright smile. Kind words and (i) pleasing welcome. It is not enough to love those who are near and dear (j) us.

Answer: a. like; b. x; c. at; d. a; e. through; f. the; g. a; h. with; i. a; j. to.


Students should observe (a) rules of health. They should rise (b) the bed early in (c) morning and go out for (d) walk. Besides these, they should take care to perform all these things which are useful (e) the preservation (f) health. These are essential (g) their physical and mental (h) growth. They should also follow the rules of (i) health because health is the root (j) all happiness.

Answer: a. the b. from; c. the; d. a; e. for; f. of; g. for; h. x; i. x; j. of.


There are various kinds (a) professions. So, (b) profession vary from man (c) selection (d) a profession is very important for (e) student. He faces difficulties (f) choosing a right profession. He is to prefer (g) profession very carefully. If he can choose his profession accurately, he can shine (h) life. A good boy determines his (i) profession very carefully. Having selected (j) good profession, he can advance.

Answer: a. of b. a; c. to; d. of; e. a; f. in; g. a; h. in; i. x; j. a.


Time is (a) very precious thing. Time which is lost once, is lost (b) forever. There is (c) proverb, Time and tide wait (d) none. It is time which does not have (e) relative feelings. It does not wait for anyone if it is not used wisely. It is really (f) essential to real proper use (h) time. They never put (i) their work for tomorrow. That’s way, they have contributed a lot (j) society.

Answer: a. a; b. x; c. a; d. for; e. x ; f. x; g. of; h. of; i. off: j. to.

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